Wednesday, 23 May 2012

It's Coming...

This time around, the revolution will not be televised.

It might, however, be Tweeted. I think. Probably with the hashtag #downDIPA (I might not have thought the political implications of this through.)

With a special 'Down Deeper' double IPA from Arbor Ales (along with a menu of other hop-monsters) it's set to be a pungent weekend! Check out the event page on the CAMRGB website. The Arbor brew is available for order from Beer Ritz.

I do need some convincing. I've not been particularly impressed with double IPAs before, finding them a bit cloying and somewhat one-dimensional, but I thought since I'd not actually tried an awful lot of them I'd have a go. On this blog I've reviewed Victory 'Hop Wallop' and Mikkeller 'I Beat yoU' in addition to having BrewDog Hardcore at their Nottingham opening. I've got Nøgne Ø Imperial IPA here already, and, along with the Arbor Down Deeper I've got Magic Rock Human Cannonball to come off the list. So here's me being prepared to be converted over the weekend!

Join in: CAMRGB on Twitter. and don't forget #downDIPA. Hops away! (Yes, I am expecting a lot of hop puns...)


  1. My Dad loves his IPA's but like you also finds double IPA's cloying and too syrupy, however he also finds that adding a bit of water mellows them somewhat and makes them much more drinkable... Personally I think this is sacrilege!

    I've got a couple of beauties lined up for this Sat, Dogfish Head 90 and Mikeller/Brewdog I Hardcore U and I'm going to order some Down Deeper tonight (providing there's any left!) but my only worry is that beers with IBUs this high generally strip the palate and everything starts to taste the same after only a couple of bottles!

    1. My plan's to spread them out a bit, they're too strong in abv and flavour to get much out of them otherwise.

      I can sympathise with your Dad, It's tempting to use them as a sort of 'hop-cordial' for rubbish lager but it does seem a bit of a waste!

      There is apparently an alternative, as I know you've seen...
      (Well up for Gregg's idea there.)

    2. Great reference with the video! Good call.