Friday, 17 August 2012

Magic Rock 'Human Cannonball' IIPA

Since I left the pub trade a huge number of breweries have started up, completely changing the face of the UK pub and beer scene. Many of these escaped my notice since I was immersed in sitting wine exams and trying to get my head round grape clones and rootstock types. Since I started beer blogging and re-discovering British beer in particular, Magic Rock have been one brewery that has been constantly recommended and raved about, but I've just never got round to trying. The day after IPA day was therefore IPA day squared, a chance to relive #downDIPA perhaps?

Given I'm not a massive fan of Imperial IPA as a style, I was impressed by this one. It was getting close to its best before date, which might have affected the freshness, but if so I suspect it mellowed rather than deteriorated. It poured a deep reddish-amber colour, and there's bags and bags of hops on the nose, delivering rich citrus and tropical fruit. On the palate the hops are, relatively for a double IPA, held back; which I think gives the beer a better balance, allowing some of the caramel sweetness of the malt to come through. On the basis of this my appetite for Magic Rock beer is well and truly whetted, I'll continue to be on the look out for more of their beers.

You can have a bit of a read of the story behind Human Cannonball here.

It's a very well disguised 9.2% abv. I got this one from Beer Ritz, although I'm not sure what I paid for it. Slurp are charging £3.90 (33cl.)


  1. This is a stunning beer but I think the ordinary Cannonball is a bit more rounded and more balanced which for me makes it the better beer.

    1. I'd love to have a try of the Cannonball, if they can impress me with a double IPA I'd probably be completely bowled over by the regular!

  2. One of my favourite beers from Magic Rock, but Carnival and High Wire (my revelation beer of last year) edge it for me. Certainly one of the best new breweries of 2011.

  3. paid 3.79 myself, but yet to drink it, might have to this weekend. I also picked up their 'dark arts stout' which sounds great by all accounts.