Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Flipside 'Russian Rouble' Stout

So here we are, my new blog, and of course the logical thing to write about having decided to retire my beer-specific blog is... Beer! I think now my WSET Diploma is finished my drinking will be a little more focussed on things that I know I like rather than necessarily ticking obscure spirits and the like. So expect a lots of waffling about IPA, malt whisky and Imperial Stout.

This is one I picked up from my local specialist,* the Flipping Good Beer Shop, the other day. It seems that Flipside are far from content to rest on their laurels, and while there are a quite a few Imperial Stouts on the market they're hardly what you'd call mainstream, and so I think it's great that they're prepared to have a go.

Russian Rouble is dark and brooding with a beige head. There is lots of roasted coffee on the nose with dark chocolate and autumnal fruity flavours. It's a really satisfying impy stout that draws you in and lets your mind wallow in the sweet malty warmth. If I were to be hyper critical it's a little rough around the edges, it's not quite the shiny polished article that you'd expect form Thornbridge or the like, but that's not to say that it's bad. Some might even say that it's a good thing that there's a rustic, earthy side to it. I certainly hope they carry on making it, I'm sure it's one I will come back to.

So there we are; a local beer, from a local shop, and as far away from boring brown bitter as you could wish. Result.

7.3% abv. £3.25 from The Flipping Good Beer Shop

* Yes, it still feels good to be able to write that!

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