Sunday 6 February 2022

Coco - Dog J

We had to give up our dog today. She'd spent two months with us since we got her as a rescue from the RSPCA.

I've not written a blog post for years, but I felt the need to get some thoughts down, and this seemed like a place to do it - not that I expect anyone else to read it but I might come back to it some time when things aren't quite so raw. If anyone does read it I'm no BrewDog apologist or even customer any more, I have had this sitting in the cellar for ages and it seemed like the most appropriate brew for the day.

Coco is a great dog and she'll find her forever home soon I'm sure. We were the third attempt and she's back in the rescue centre through no fault of her own. Since Christmas she's not been able to go out off-lead and run around because of an injury, probably just caused through pulling a muscle playing. Because of this a high energy dog has had to try to learn to live with two primary school kids who want to play with her, but has had too much energy to keep that play safe.

We'll all miss her. Good luck Coco, no longer Dog J, but she left us with some good memories.

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