Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Beer and Wine Labels

Bit of a blog about blogs. I came across some articles today about beer and wine labels. The beer label one seemed almost to be the antithesis of what the guys at Pumpclip parade are up to*, but still, it's quite amusing to see what some people find 'inspiring.' Brace yourself for Badass Redneck Lager:

Showcase of Over 45 Inspirational Beer Logos and Labels

Moving swiftly on, and hopefully more interestingly, a couple of articles (well, a load of pics really) from a graphic design blog on wine labels. Interesting to look at this through the perspective of a graphic designer rather than a wine drinker. Some of these are held up as 'exquisite' examples of graphic design, and indeed that might be a perfectly valid comment, but I'd question whether many of them actually make good labels for wine - however talented the creator.

40 Wine Labels That Will Delight You

On the other hand, this, for me at least, seemed like a better selection:

12 Wild Wine Label Samples

* Incidentally, not entirely confined to UK brewers, shame on you Lindemans!

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