Saturday, 23 August 2014

Nottingham Pubs

The folks over at Harviestoun recently asked me to write a guest post for them about my five favourite pubs in Nottingham

Now I’m sure there are all sorts of blog posts around about drinking in Nottingham. I suppose like most UK cities it has a rich brewing history, and there are loads of great pubs. A quick look at a copy of the Good Beer Guide (even if it’s the one copy I own dating from 1993) points you toward some pubs that have been regular haunts for visitors for a very long time. Now my recommendations are no sleight on those pubs that are something of a ‘must visit’ for visitors to Nottingham, but having lived here on and off for more years than I care to think about, there are some places that I would (and did) recommend that are maybe a little more off the beaten track. They are places that I drink when I go out to pubs now, having lived in Nottingham, and even at times lived in its pubs, for a large chunk of my adult life. These pubs are also entirely biased to where I have worked and played since I have lived here so apologies to some fine boozers that are not in my part of the city. It’s all personal, so go and have a read, hopefully enjoy it, and make other recommendations!

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