Saturday, 19 January 2013


It's done. After over three years, I've finally got to the end of my WSET diploma. The results for the spirits exam, which had given me no seemingly no end of trouble due to missed deadlines and my own failings in the tastings, came through today and I passed. After so long (I was unmarried and not a parent when I got started) it feels like more of a relief than a cause for celebration, but I'm sure I'll warm to the idea once my working week finishes on Monday!

For a celebratory drink I think I'll go for a Greenall's Gin & Tonic. When I was struggling with the spirits exam I sent some rather embarrassing begging emails asking if anyone could help me with some tasting samples to practise with. These guys did, sending a couple of miniatures for me, and so this is by way of thanks.


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