Friday, 9 September 2011

Sainsbury's Great British Beer Hunt

The big supermarkets are generally held up as being the enemy of the smaller producers of wine, beer, local producers, and high street businesses in general, often with considerable justification. However, it seems fair to point out when they do do something that promotes people who are making something other than the usual mass-produced, high volume product. In this case it is Sainsbury's attempt to address the micro brew market. It could be argued that once one of these beers is brewed on the scale required for a company such as Sainsbury's that it might lose its character, but again it is unfair to prejudge - and since I have only ever tried one of these beers (Wold Top comes from near my parents' place) - I am looking forward to trying this lot.

Bad King John: Ridgeway Brewing Company
Bishop's Farewell: Oakham
Caesar Augustus: Williams Brothers
Churchill Ale: Oxfordshire Ales
Flying Dutchman: Caledonian
Full Bore: Hunter's Brewery
Golden Seahawk: Cotleigh Brewery
Golden Summer: Wold Top
Ivanhoe: Ridgeway Brewing Company
Profanity Stout: Williams Brothers
Stronghart: McMullen & Sons
Two Hoots: Joseph Holt
Wye Not: Wye Valley Brewery
Wild Hop IPA: Harviestoun
Worcester Sorcerer: Sadler's Ales

I'll price the beers individually under their own entries, but they are currently on a 3 for £5 mixable deal.

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