Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Beer Delivery!

Just for Steve, here's the beers I got today - for whatever reason I couldn't upload them to the usual site I use but here we go:

Winter Wonders


Other stuff!

Edit: In response to the question below (easier to put the links in here). The tall bottle with the star is the Spanish Estrella Damm Inedit. I'd seen it recommended by Fiona Beckett in the Guardian and thought I'd give it a go since it wasn't stupid money!


  1. Oooh what's the tall bottle in the final pic? A good selection. I'm off to postoffice now to pick up a missed package. Got something through DHL too, but not sure what it is!

  2. Nice selection there, some tasting looking beers. Although from experiencing it myself, that Estrella bottle might be the weak link.

  3. Hi Arn, I was thinking a similar thing once I had a look at their website. I think if I'd have seen that before it would have put me right off! Still, having low expectations can sometimes be a good thing... hopefully.

  4. Just think Hoegaarden Lite!